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Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare

Jun 2, 2021

Coming soon from AMS Healthcare, join us for conversations on Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare, an exploration of the convergence of technology and compassion in healthcare today.

We will host conversations between leading researchers, scientists, healthcare providers, as well as patients and caregivers, as they confront the challenges threatening our healthcare system, especially in the face of the pandemic. They will discuss the opportunities for digital health to innovate all aspects of healthcare today, and tomorrow. They will share their hope for technology, and they will share some cautionary tales about what they are seeing in the field. We hope to foster open and frank discussions about how they think we should integrate technology into the health-care system in a way that enhances – and doesn’t diminish – compassionate care. If there was ever a time to  uphold compassion as the bedrock and guiding principle of healthcare, its now, so please join us for these illuminating conversations. 


AMS Healthcare has recently published a bestselling book Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare available wherever you buy your books. A series of articles based on this book are available on Healthy Debate.