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Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare

Apr 11, 2023

Welcome to our conversation titled, Digital Therapeutics Informed by Lived Experience. In this conversation Quynh Pham, Scientific Director and Principal Investigator at the Center for Digital Therapeutics at the University Health Network, and an AMS healthcare fellow and Compassionate AI, speaks with Joseph Cafazzo, Biomedical Engineer, Educator and Researcher, and the Wolfond Chair in Digital Health University Health Network. Quynh and Joe engage on digital health, digital therapeutics and the lived stories that have inspired their groundbreaking work.

Twitter: @drquynhpham / @josephcafazzo

Academic profiles: Quynh / Joe

  1. The Centre for Digital Therapeutics:
  2. The Medly digital therapeutic for heart failure management
  3. Developing Digital Therapeutics: The University Health Network Experience: (PDF of paper attached)
  4. The Value of Technology to Support Dyadic Caregiving for Individuals Living With Heart Failure: Qualitative Descriptive Study:
  5. The Future of Virtual Care for Older Ethnic Adults Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic:
  6. A Dyadic Digital Health Module for Chronic Disease Shared Care: Design Thinking:
  7. 3 Ways to Support Patient-Caregiver Pairs through Equitable Virtual Care: